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Interested in joining the band......

Playing in the band is about having fun and musical satisfaction.

The band operates and teaches in a safe, friendly, and respectful environment and welcomes new members.

We offer a free tuition program and encourage new members in both pipes and drums. If you are a passionate and dedicated musician, or enthusiastic and committed learner, then we'd love to hear from you.

The musical contribution of all band members is valued.

The band is primarily a teaching and development pipe band where members can learn to play pipes and drums to the level of their individual expectations, in line with the curriculum and standards as determined from time to time by the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association in conjunction with the Scottish Qualifications Authority or an Australian equivalent. As a teaching and learning pipe band, the musical tuition program puts the tuition needs of individual band members first and respects their contribution to the band’s success.

Playing good music well.  
The band’s fields of performance and musical agenda are designed to reflect all recognised forms of pipe band music. This will range from traditional to contemporary music. It will range from solo to mini-band, whole band, massed bands and combined bands performances.

The band endeavours to be a good corporate and community citizen.
The CoHHPB will promote, liaise with and support other community and civic organisations and will promote Scottish and kindred culture.  Activities including public displays, concerts including with other instruments/bands, participation in tattoos, community events such festivals and ANZAC Day commemorations, competitions, massed bands and private events such as weddings and graduations.

Band practice

Band practice is held on Monday nights in the Scots Church Hall, off Bathurst Street Hobart. If you are interested in joining, or learning the pipes or drums through the band, you're welcome to attend to have a listen and meet the members. Please contact the band for more details.

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